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7 DAYS, 2014-2017

At the interface between the grand narratives and the everyday, a series of smaller works, also in compressed lint, chronicles the specific political events that defined the early years of the women’s liberation movement. The covers of 7 Days traverse a broad range of issues from the unionization of the prisoners, to unemployment, abortion rights, and the anti-apartheid struggle, all of which still resonate today.  A short-lived weekly newspaper, 7 Days was founded by an alliance of women engaged in feminist politics and men of the non-aligned ‘revolutionary left’ in October, 1971 and ran until May, 1972.  During that time, Kelly contributed articles and illustrations to several issues. The magazine’s inclusive overview represents a forceful precedent for the ‘intersectional feminism’ of recent times.

13. Kelly_2016_SVLAPSoloInstall02_lores

7 Days

Installation view

Susanne Vielmetter Projects Los Angeles, 2016

14. Kelly_7_Days_March_1972 copy.jpg

7 Days, March 1972, 2012

Compressed lint

41 x 34 x 2 inches

15. Kelly_7_Days_February_1972 copy.jpg

7 Days, February 1972, 2014 

Compressed lint

41 x 34 x 2 inches

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